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Halfmoon Canopy


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Canopy shaped like a half moon (Half Moon) made with meticulous quality control.

Special features:

– Made by following the correct mold (molding) on each part.
– easy to install without thinking about partner selection mistakes.
– Equipped with canvas imported from KOREA with various color options.
– There are two options Frame (metal) canopy:
1. Coated with paint (silver).
2. Galvanized – makes it rust resistant.


Side Bar Iron Size: 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.6mm
Pole Size: 2″ x 2″ x 1.6mm
Pole Connector Size: 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.6mm
Top Iron Size: 1.5″ Pipe AA
Connecting angle iron size: 1′
Canvas Thickness: 0.38mm
Leg height: 8′ 6″ (maximum)
Roof height: 4′

Minimum order: 1 unit
Delivery time: 14-30 working days after deposit payment.



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