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L shape Office Tables c/w J & Round Metal Leg


Office table with an L-shaped surface made of quality Chipboard and J-shaped and Round iron legs with a variety of sizes and colors to suit your office.

Size Options :-
SGT MT  1818R : 6′ x 6′ (1800mm L x 750mm D) x (1800mm W x 600mm D) x 750mm H

SGT MT  1518R : 5′ x 5′ (1500mm L x 750mm D) x (1800mm W x 600mm D) x 750mm H

Top thickness: 25 mm
Leg Type : J Cantilever & Round Metal Leg



When you’re shopping for office furniture, it is important not to rule anything out.  If you go in with an open mind, you may find something that will surprise you.  Take your time to consider all of your options.  After all, you will most likely be spending a whole lot of time at your desk.  There are many, may different types of desks available.  These are a few of the great things about L-shaped desks.


Because of their unique shape, L-shaped desks will sit right up against the corner of your office space.  If you have a small office, you don’t want a desk that is going to take up half the room.  An L-shaped desk gives you more workspace and takes up less office space.

Sometimes with traditional desks, it can be difficult to reach the entire desk surface, but not with an L-shaped desk.  The “L” shape allows all of the surfaces to be reachable.  This is especially useful for people with shorter arms.

Since L-desks have the bend in their surface, they tend to be longer.  A lot of L-desks have cabinets that sit on top of them.  The longer surface means more space to put cabinets overtop, so you have lots of room to store whatever you need.

Separate Surfaces

Most desk jobs involve using both a computer and paper.  This can create quite a bit of confusion on top of your desk.  With an L-shaped desk, there are two separate, distinct surfaces.  No more papers all over your keyboard!

Are you sharing your office with another employee? An L-desk is great for that, too!  If you’re sharing, you can take one part of the “L” and your co-worker can take the other.  Some L-desks are actually quite large too, so sharing doesn’t have to mean you’ll be cramped.

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