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Notice Board (Foam Board) c/w Aluminium Frame & Sliding Glass Cabinet


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Notice board with foam surface and aluminum frame which is covered with glass cabinet. Information will be more safely kept in a closed and locked cabinet. Clear glass for a clear view. Sliding glass that is very easy to push and durable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Size: size selection according to usage.

Size | Model
3′ x 3′ | SG-FBSGC 1303
3′ x 4′ | SG-FBSGC 1304
3′ x 5′ | SG-FBSGC 1305
3′ x 6′ | SG-FBSGC 1306
4′ x 4′ | SG-FBSGC 1404
4′ x 5′ | SG-FBSGC 1405
4′ x 6′ | SG-FBSGC 1406
4′ x 8′ | SG-FBSGC 1408

Minimum order: 1 unit
Delivery time: 2 – 7 working days after payment.

Installation is available at a flat rate according to size.



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